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Sensory for the Sensory Kid

I have written it before and if you have followed along with my family’s story, you know that we have a 3 year old daughter who struggles with a sensory processing disorder. We have spent HOURS figuring out her quirks, what works for her, how to best support her and what to do next to continue her “therapy” at home.

We have discovered that what makes her tick is sensory overload. She LOVES wrestling with her daddy, getting involved in an art project, reading books that have lift the flaps or touch pages, submerging herself into sensory bins, etc. It’s her thing…the thing that makes her tick. My point is that every child is different and their sensory needs may be different than another child’s. It is important to diagnose the issue at hand and best conquer it using the resources at your fingertips.

The amazing thing about sensory is that every kid has a sensory input and output “need” so even if  your child is “normal” (whatever that is…normal is a term that describes no one), they can benefit from sensory play.

Here is a list of things you can try with a child who suffers from SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder):





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