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One Week Healthy Meal Plan the Kids Will LOVE!

The good ole plug your nose and take the bite move.

If your household is anything like mine, there are some picky eaters that you are always trying to please at mealtime. One kid doesn’t like broccoli, the other doesn’t like tomatoes, etc. It can make meal planning a frustrating task to complete EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. LOL

What we have found to work in our family is that momma makes ONE meal for everyone. No substitutions here or there and compromising with the kids or HEAVEN FORBID make a separate meal for the picky child so they will eat. As I have implemented this into our household, I have noticed my picky eater starting to be “less picky.” She now has to try the thing she doesn’t care for but doesn’t have ton eat a plate full of it…if you catch my drift. The kids have started complaining less and the plates are looking more and more empty at the end of the meal.

Baked Turkey Meatballs and Gluten Free Pasta with Homemade Pasta Sauce

I plan out meals with likes and dislikes in mind but they don’t determine everything. I have found that if I get my picky eater involved in helping me prepare the meal, she typically is excited to eat it.

Here is a blogger that I respect and follow. She provides an AWESOME one week meal plan that I have found is VERY kid-friendly. Enjoy and I hope it brings less stress into meal planning for you.



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