More Than a Mommy

It’s cold and rainy outside and I’m in the house with the girls…waiting for the spring air and warmth to shine through the grey. It amazes me how both of my girls (Annora-4 years old and Delise-20 months old) can play and have fun when the rain is streaming down the windows and the house is dim with light.  They have not a care in the world and can turn any old beat up box into a baby doll bassinet and a huge oversized pillow pal into a car that is crashing through the streets. At what age do we lose that creative, careless nature?!? I pray they always have that creative ability and drive in them.

As a stay at home mommy I am so thankful to my hubby, Ben, who finds it one of the most important “jobs” someone can do. He works as a pastor for NorthRock Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His schedule changes quite frequently so it can be hard to determine a solid schedule. That being said, some days are longer than others but the one on one time I get with each girl along with witnessing all of the “firsts” far outweighs those long days. When days tend to get long and I am feeling like bedtime can’t come soon enough, I get my Toledo Parent magazine out and start circling/highlighting all of the fun things we would like to do throughout the month. I love to be busy and keep the girls active. The balance between playing at home with mommy, independent play and getting out in the community can be a lot to juggle at times but can also be very fun to plan out.

Let me give you a little background on my family. Ben and I have been married for 5.5 years and in that time have had 2 daughters, Annora and Delise. The girls are 2.5 years apart. Annora is a performer and will act out any musical if she is given the chance. She holds a captive audience (mommy and daddy). She loves life to the fullest and is your happy child with an inner beauty that is God-given. When she was 9 months old, she started having seizure-like outbursts. She underwent several tests to determine why. We were referred to geneticists, specialists, etc. to determine what was going on. Thank goodness for BCMH! After a LONG road they diagnosed her with Sandifer Syndrome (a BAD case of GERD). She was placed on a medicine that seemed to take care of the issue. Soon after her diagnosis, we were referred to Help Me Grow (HMG), an early intervention program that supports families of developmentally delayed or disabled children with resources and services to help them reach their goals. It was with that referral that we determined our little 9.5 month old was suffering from hypotonia (low muscle tone). Through the help of HMG, Annora is now symptom free and lives like any other happy little girl.

Two and half years later our second daughter was born. She looks so much like her sister but couldn’t be more opposite. Delise is our daring and adventurous one. She has a heart of gold but doesn’t let just anyone see that side of her. She is guarded and you have to earn her trust. She is a daddy’s girl with a bit of a temper that will make your head spin at times. Her spitfire personality is going to take her so far in life…Ben and I have no doubts. At a very young age, she too was diagnosed with hypotonia. It was such a blow. I could handle our first with her setbacks but when our second was diagnosed, it really hit home. It wasn’t until a dear friend shed some light that I came to accept both girls had the same diagnosis. She said, “Mary, God made them that way. Annora now has one of the closest people to her to lean on and go through this with.” That statement will never leave me and brought such peace to my heart.

Ben and I struggle just like any married couple with young kids. We rarely spend time with just each other and time is never on our side. We work around nap times, bed times, meal times, etc. What can we say…life is BUSY! One day, we will wish life was this busy. For now, I can sit here and love the fact that my house is never clean (tidy and clean are 2 ENTIRELY different concepts), I can’t go to the bathroom by myself without someone banging on the door or shoving their little chubby fingers underneath it, and appreciate that we just can’t be out past 6:30pm ANY NIGHT. I hear this stage of life goes way faster than you wish so I am choosing to embrace the now. I am asking you to embrace the now with me.

So…this is me and my crazy life! Welcome to my blog and I am excited to go on this journey together!