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Cabin Fever Musts

When it comes to cold weather, staying inside seems like the best option when littles are present…especially newborns. The weather has been unbelievably cold in Ohio this winter and leaving the house just isn’t doable…nor am I excited to do so. I would have to get 3 kids bundled tightly, spend 30 minutes loading them into the car and getting them buckled into their carseats, etc. In other words, no thank you! LOL

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New Year, New Start

I know for me and my household, we love starting fresh for the New Year. New goals, new attitude and the excitement of what the new year will bring. Sometimes, the start of a new year means the beginning of new healthy habits…such as setting BIG goals or healthier eating and exercising. This year, having a new baby in the house and having fallen off of the bandwagon with healthy eating, I want to incorporate a “clean eating” habit into our new year goals. This means eliminating anything processed such as lunch meats, cheeses, chips, etc. Instead, my plan is to make all of those things from scratch. Sounds awful and time consuming right?!? —————–>>>>>>>>>WRONG!

New Year’s Eve Fun Traditions

Sometimes I look at my kids and think to myself, “What am I supposed to do with these little ones to entertain them?” I always want fun traditions around holidays and I put pressure on myself to make sure I do so. New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that I want to start some family traditions but haven’t quite yet. It doesn’t have to be jam packed, but having something “to do” sounds fun. I want my kids to look back on their childhood and remember the things we did each year repetitively. I decided to do some research on what other people do for the holiday and this list is comprised of some of the things I plan on incorporating into our own family traditions. Feel free to comment below with some of your own family New Year’s Eve traditions.

The ABSOLUTE BEST Sugar Cookie Recipe!

Finding the best sugar cookie recipe can be quite the challenge. I find that the cookie is either too doughy, tastes too much like flour, the kids won’t eat them, or you have to refrigerate them so long and the dough comes out rock hard. I found a recipe ( I wish I could claim it as my own) that is FANTASTIC and I had to share it with all of you because it is just that good.


Christmas Traditions Worth Starting

I LOVE traditions…especially around the holidays! Our family has started some pretty neat traditions that I think are worth sharing. From spending a day baking Christmas cookies to packing the kids in the car and driving around looking at Christmas lights, we have started some traditions that I simply cannot go a season without.

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The Facts On Becoming Babywise

I know for me and my household, getting the baby to sleep through the night as early as possible is KEY to everyone being happy and content on a daily basis. That being said, I have incorporated the book On Becoming Babywise into my parenting style. For the first 2 kiddos, it worked like a charm and they were both sleeping through the night no later than 9 weeks. You heard me right…no later than 9 weeks!!! It was FANTASTIC! It takes work and dedication but by following the “rules” laid out for you, you too can have a sleeping baby in no time. With my third, we are starting the implementation process this week and I plan on documenting how it goes throughout the sleeping journey.


Living on Little to No Sleep

It is no surprise to people when you tell them that you have a newborn at home and are lacking in the sleep department. It is a given and expected in the early stages of infancy. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to function on little to no sleep. And forget about giving attention to your other kiddos when feeding time happens every 2-3 hours and the lack of sleep has affected your ability to function. 

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Breastfeeding…It’s What’s for Dinner!

Prior to giving birth to my third daughter, I had made the decision to attempt breast feeding once again. In the past, breastfeeding came very “UN-naturally” to me and by the third month of my first and second daughter’s life, my milk supply had all but diminished. I found breastfeeding frustrating, painful, and difficult. I truly believe my attitude around breastfeeding is what either made my experience a success or a failure. So this time around I have made it my mission to embrace the messy, focus on keeping it simple, and feed this baby like my life depended on it…or die trying.


Choose Thankfulness

I was stricken with sadness yesterday when I heard the news that a friend of mine had a son who passed away. It completely caught me off guard and left me at a loss for any type of comforting word or gesture. I followed this friend on Facebook and was utterly impressed and overwhelmed at her thankfulness for the community she had surrounding her. Her faith is strong and her friends are making sure she is being cared for.

My older sister underwent a double mastectomy yesterday to get rid of the cancer she has lurking in her left breast. When I asked her how she was doing prior to the surgery and post-op, she was extremely grateful for the surgeons who can help her heal and guide her on the road to success. She leaned HEAVILY on her faith, friends and family to get her through the tough times.

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The Days Before Delivering Your Little One

Stuck, Trapped, Inevitable, Worrisome, Excited, Nervous…

It seems that the days before giving birth to a new little addition to the family can cause some pretty intense feelings…and as you can see from my personal list, the feelings aren’t always positive. In fact, I feel like this subject isn’t talked about as much as it should be. I know when I was feeling this way with my first born before giving birth, I felt guilty admitting I felt this way.